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Blackwing Starting Point Set: Mixed

Blackwing Starting Point Set: Mixed
$ 35.00

The best way to get the full Blackwing experience is through the mixed starting point set! Like ordering an appetizers sampler at a restaurant, the mixed set lets you try a little bit of everything Blackwing has to offer: 3 different kinds of pencils, 3 different point guards, and 1 stellar pencil sharpener. 

The Starting Point Set includes:

  • 6 Blackwing pencils:
    • 2 Original - soft graphite, drawing pencil
    • 2 Vol. 602 - hard graphite, writing pencil
    • 2 Pearl - balanced graphite 
  • 3 Point Guards: 1 matte black, 1 silver, and 1 gold 
  • 1 Black Long Point Sharpener
  • Pencils are made from California incense wood and feature extendable and replaceable erasers.