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BTS Kit: 4th - 6th grade

BTS Kit: 4th - 6th grade
$ 48.00

Back to school season is here! It's a weird year for all of us, whether we're going back to school in a classroom or at home. Our hope is that these little kits bring some joy and cover the basics. For our 4th thru 6th grade set, we've included 2 wooden Camel pencils with white erasers. The Shorthand TieDye notebook is made right here in our shop. The lined pages are perfect for handwriting practice, book reports, and short stories. The kuru kuru sharpener is fun to use - insert the pencil into the sharpener and twist away with the handle. It's a great activity between math worksheets and spelling lists. The Pulp pencil case is super sturdy and fits a great collection of pencils, pens, erasers and sharpeners. And last but not least, we've included some cat paperclips because they are so fun to use!

 Each 4th-6th grade Back To School Kit includes the following:

  • A Shorthand Tie-Dye Notebook with lined pages
  • A set of Midori Cat Paperclips
  • 2 Camel HB Natural Body Pencils w/ White Erasers
  • A Kuru Kuru Pencil Sharpener
  • A Grey Pulp Pen Case

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