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BTS kit: 7th - 12th grade

BTS kit: 7th - 12th grade
$ 55.75

Back to school season is here! It's a weird year for all of us, whether we're going back to school in a classroom or at home. Our hope is that these little kits bring some joy and cover the basics. For our 7th to 12th grade set, we started with our planner. It's organized by both week and month with plenty of room for keeping tracking of project due dates and ongoing assignments. The Campus notebook is a great size for taking notes, writing essays (I know most writing happens on a computer these days, but notebooks are still important!). The Annotator Pencil / Eraser / Highlighter was invented by Jr High students right here in LA. The triple threat writing utensil is an essential tool for school. We've also included our favorite mechanical clutch pencil. The back of the pencil unscrews to become a pencil sharpener! The pencil case fits all your writing ephemera to keep the inside of your school bag from getting scuffed up. To top it all off, we've given two color options because choice is important : )

Each 7th-12th grade Back To School Kit includes the following:

  • A Shorthand planner
  • A Kokuyo Dotted Line B5 Notebook
  • An Annotator Pencil w/ highlighter in Yellow
  • A Koh-I-Noor Mechanical Clutch 2mm Leadholder 
  • A Hightide General Purpose Case - Wide

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