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Castor Pencil Sharpener

Castor Pencil Sharpener
$ 28.00

From the world-renowned pencil pros at Möbius + Ruppert, the Castor pencil sharpener is here to revamp the reputation of handheld pencil sharpeners everywhere. Once again, Möbius + Ruppert has elevated the standards of office supplies with the Castor sharpener to bolster their magnificent line of stellar pencil gadgets. Its small size provides easy portability and storage, while its solid brass material gives it the heft and substance of a much larger sharpener.

The Castor is single hole and can sharpen any pencil of a normal diameter (up to 6mm). Compared to Möbius + Ruppert's Pollux sharpener, the Castor is smaller in size and produces a shorter pencil point. Since any sharpener will only perform as effectively as its blade is sharp, the Castor contains a specially hardened steel blade that can easily be replaced with a small screwdriver. Replacement blades available here.

  • Measures 1 x 1 x 1 inches 
  • Made in Germany