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Orange Flower Candle

Orange Flower Candle
$ 46.00

Made from plant-based natural aromas this beautiful candle from Tatine boasts notes of Lime, Ginger, Shiso, Fir Needle, and Patchouli. All of these notes make for a warm, woody, and herbaceous scent to light up any room.

Don't just take it from us! Delicious description from the Tatine website: 

"Earthly aromas of fir needle and sacred cypress trail beautifully underneath spicy black peppercorn which gives a sparkling kick to our zen forest blend. Rich dark patchouli and masculine vetiver layered with lime and ginger add savory middle notes. A distillation of warm and woody resins and rich spices topped with a green herbaceous bouquet of minty, grassy shiso leaf."

4 oz. hand forged brass cup in heavyweight, patinated brass. Perfectly imperfect; slight flaws on the surface are part of the unique, handmade process.

Burn time ~22 hours.