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Palomino Blackwing - Vol. 4 (12-pack)

Palomino Blackwing - Vol. 4 (12-pack)
$ 25.00

The Blackwing 4 is a special edition tribute to Mars and the 2020 rover mission. The Rover's revolutionary robotic arm and zoom-enabled cameras - the first of their kind to be sent to another planet - were first conceptualized for NASA by the team at Motiv Space Systems using Blackwing pencils.

It features a rust-colored lacquer and sand-textured finish inspired by the surface of the fourth planet. It also features Blackwing's first ever bronze ferrule, a cream imprint and eraser reflective of the 2 moons that orbit the planet, and soft graphite.

The Blackwing Volumes series are all limited edition and once they are gone they are GONE!