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Palomino Blackwing - Vol. 811 (12-Pack)

Palomino Blackwing - Vol. 811 (12-Pack)
$ 25.00

 A light in the dark.

The latest entry in the Blackwing Volumes series is not one to be missed. The Library Pencil is the March 2019 Volumes release, featuring a gradient emerald green finish and gold accents that pay tribute to the signature green lamps that can be found in libraries all over the world. The number 811 specifically references the section in the Dewey Decimal System where Maya Angelou's works can be found, as a tribute to her speech given in 2010 about libraries and the importance they hold in culture and society. 

Not to mention that they're coated in a phosphorescent top coat that lets them GLOW IN THE DARK. 

Blackwing Volumes series are all limited edition and once they are gone they are GONE!