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Pollux Pencil Sharpener

Pollux Pencil Sharpener
$ 28.00

From the world-renowned pencil pros at Möbius + Ruppert, the Pollux pencil sharpener will completely obliterate your conception of what a handheld pencil sharpener can be. Forget what you think you know about pencil points. Away with your memories of those dinky plastic handheld sharpeners you used in grade school. The Cadillac has arrived.

This German-engineered beauty is the sharpener your Blackwings deserve. Its small stature is perfect for storing in your desk drawer or tossing in your tote for the day. But don't let its compact size fool you: made of solid brass, this little guy has a satisfying heft in your hand. The Pollux has a single hole and can sharpen any pencil of a normal diameter (up to 6mm). 

But let's get to the point: the point. All Möbius + Ruppert handheld brass sharpeners produce an unparalleled pencil point, but the Pollux in particular begets the longest, most needle-like pencil point in a concave shape. The Pollux also provides feedback when you're using it so you'll know just when the point of your pencil is good and ready. 

A sharpener will only perform as effectively as its blade is sharp. As such, Möbius + Ruppert has designed specially hardened steal blades for their line of sharpeners that can easily be replaced when they've dulled with the aid of a small screwdriver. Replacement blades available here.

  • Measures 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Made in Germany