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Black Hardcover A4 Master Slim Notebook - Music Staves

Black Hardcover A4 Master Slim Notebook - Music Staves
$ 34.00

For fans of Moleskin, let us direct you to the next step up - the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook. This German brand has been making notebooks for over 100 years, and they've nailed down the elements that make a perfect notebook. 

The Master Slim A+ was the first notebook made by Leuchtturm, and features a number of thoughtful details. It's made slightly larger than a traditional A4 size, so that A4 pages can be placed within the notebook and not be dinged or damaged from sticking out. Each page includes margins at the top and bottom for comments, and each notebook has 123 numbered pages to fill with your thoughts, notes, and ideas. These notebooks also feature 100g paper, which is heavier than all their other notebook options. 

  • Measures 8.9in x 12.4in
  • Ruled pages