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Blackwing Volume 93

Blackwing Volume 93
$ 30.00

The latest Blackwing Volume set honors the late Corita Kent, an educator, artist, and social justice advocate. She taught at the Immaculate Heart College here in Los Angeles, where she guided students through "slow looking" exercises that helped them focus in on the details of the world around them. Her art, primarily through the medium of silkscreen, was full of messages of love and peace, which resonated with many people during the 1960's and 70's. 

These pencils in particular honor one of her most famous pieces, the Rainbow Swash, painted on a storage tank off of Interstate 93 in Boston - hence, the name of the pencil. Each set includes 12 pencils with six different color designs and soft graphite. 

The Blackwing Volumes series are all limited edition and once they are gone they are GONE!

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