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Caran D'ache Fix Pencil Plum - 2mm

Caran D'ache Fix Pencil Plum - 2mm
$ 70.00

The Fixpencil was the world's first mechanical pencil! Invented by an engineer in Geneva in 1929, it was released a year later and has been a success worldwide since. This special edition was the result of a collaboration with Alfredo Häberli, a Swiss-Argentinian designer who has long used the Fixpencils in his work in international design. The two tone body, the aluminum sharpening cap, and inclusion of four water-soluble color leads are just a few of the unique elements of this limited edition Fixpencil. 

  • Aluminum body with signature hexagonal shape
  • Pushbutton doubles as a sharpener to keep your lead on point!
  • Clutch mechanism 
  • Flexible clip
  • Takes 2 mm lead refills (and includes four colored leads)