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Kokuyo Bobbin Maker - White

Kokuyo Bobbin Maker - White
$ 11.25

Take your favorite washi tapes on the go or share them with friends using this tape roll maker! It creates mini bobbins of washi tape that slip easily into a pencil case or pocket. The plastic bobbins have an interlocking design on each end, snapping together so that they won't get lost. The cute, sewing-inspired design also makes them charming gifts for friends.
To use the roll maker, open it by pushing down on the tab on the side of the casing. Then place a bobbin on the small rod, with the 6-hole side facing towards you. Place a roll of washi tape on the large wheel and close the case, pushing the side tab up. Pull out enough tape to cover the bobbin and turn the hand crank to wind the tape around the bobbin. Please see the video in the photos section for step-by-step instructions.

This roll maker is compatible with washi tapes that have an inner diameter between 18 mm and 40 mm, a maximum outer diameter of 50 mm, and a maximum tape width of 15 mm.

This set contains a washi tape roll maker and 2 empty bobbins.