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Mix Color Pencil Set - 10 Colors

Mix Color Pencil Set - 10 Colors
$ 22.00

Kokuyo Mix Color Pencils combine two different color cores into one color pencil, bringing a fun new way to color, by combining various hues in unexpectedly rich and nuanced shades. These color pencils are designed to introduce kids to the idea of blending and layering colors. It's a unique art tool for discovering new color combinations from an early age. The set included ten mix color pencils and one sharpener.

  • Pencil diameter: 10 color pencils (half size), 2 pencils mixed with 2 colors, 1 pencil sharpener
  • Pencil shaft diameter: 10mm (slightly thicker than regular pencil)
  • Colors: Crimson, Vermilion, Golden Yellow, Orcher, Light Pink, Emerald Green, Green, Blue, Brown, Gray
  • Product of Japan