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Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Black/Gold

Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Black/Gold
$ 275.00

The highest quality pens from Japan have arrived - Sailor Pens are here. With over 100 years in the business, the Sailor Pen Company have honed their skills to craft a legend in the fountain pen community - the Professional Gear. With a 14k gold nib, the Pro Gear is a sight to behold and a joy to use. The body is made of a resin, making it durable but lightweight and easy on the hand. 

This model comes in 7 different nib sizes - extra fine, fine, medium fine, medium, broad, zoom, and music. When you order, we will order the specific size you want from Sailor and ship it out as soon as it arrives. That time frame shouldn't be more than two to three days for us to receive your pen, but we will let you know if that will be different. 

Each pen includes two proprietary cartridges, as well as a converter for bottled ink use.